PLAY ‘N’ THE DIRT Landscape Company Offers The Following Services

ESTIMATES are Free within a twenty mile radius of Mansfield, Texas

CONSULTATION….Fee call for an Appointment
What is landscape consultation? Made by appointment we will come out to the property and discuss with you your existing landscape and future ideas. We will address problems and issues such as drainage, grade etc. We will consult with you on plants and any concerns you may have regarding your yard.

DESIGN ……Fee based on Property…..Have a Plan of Action
All Designs are Custom created on our computers for each unique property. Before the design process begins we will have visited with you to collect your expectation in the outcome of your finished design. We will address conditions such as shade, sun, types of plants, color, grade, irrigation, water features, drainage, hardscapes such as patios etc and lawn.  We will measure the property and note utilities and irrigation if in place. Armed with your information and our creative expertise we will create your custom landscape design. The design itself will be to scale, in color and note each plant, hardscape etc on it. You will also receive a material and plant list matching the design drawing. Once it is completed we will go over every detail with you to include pictures of plants, products and examples. Any changes will be made then to your satisfaction. Thus you now have a custom scaled landscape design ready to have installed. At this point we can provide with a quote to Install per your Custom Design Specification. Landscape Design is a must on some large projects. Whether PLAY N THE DIRT Landscape installs your landscape for you or you plan to do it yourself…….. a great design saves you money in the long run.

INSTALLATION…..Quoted Per Property….Residential and Commercial Landscaping
We specialize in PLANTS, native plants, perennials, herb gardens, trees and specialty gardens. We also offer hardscapes such as Borders/Edging, Retaining Walls, Drainage Systems, Walkways, Patios, Decks, Arbors, Pergolas and Fencing. Outdoor Kitchen’s, Fire Pits, Water Features and Poolscapes. We can build a pond any size relevant to your property’s size. We construct and or Prep for children’s back yard playgrounds. We also do Fencing. Check out our portfolio photo gallery.

MAINTENANCE…..Quoted Per Property
          We offer Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance; This service can include Mowing, edging, trimming, pest and disease control, minor and major pruning and tree removals.
Seasonal clean up and color change that includes fertilizer and mulching.  Services can be scheduled weekly, monthly and quarterly to include almost ever aspect of landscaping needs.  

Are you just overwhelmed with what to do with your existing landscape? Let us re-vamp it for you. We will save the good stuff and remove the not so good. Trim and or re-shape the good and add some new plants etc to create a great landscape you can enjoy again. You’d be surprised at the difference some re-vamping can do.

Office: 817-453-5904   Fax: 817-473-3451or Cell: 817-676-4475